I help professionals find solutions to workplace challenges

I help professionals find solutions to workplace challenges so their
career can thrive.

I provide a safe, reflective space for you to think through any aspect of
your work - if you are in a good place, a difficult place or you just want to
take a step back and check in where you are and where you want to be. 

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Work with me

You may be losing sleep over work.
You may have had difficult feedback from your boss.  

Or you may be the boss challenged by a team in conflict.  

Or there was an incident that bothered you and you’ve lost confidence.  

Or you know you have a lot to say in meetings but can’t quite speak up.

Or you do speak up but they’re not listening.  

Or you’re stuck in a role not using your skills and losing motivation.  

Or you want to get promoted but you’re also a bit afraid of stepping up.

Or through Covid-19 you’ve been working from home and you’re now drained of all your energy.  

Or through Covid-19 you have had to continue to show up at work and you’re now exhausted and burnt out.

Or through Covid-19 you lost your job.

Or none of the above but you need some support at work.


The workplace is where much of our lives unfold and sometimes you need some help when things get tough or confusing or complicated or just plain dull.

I’ll work alongside you to explore what’s going on and help you find practical solutions to whatever you’re facing. So you can get a good night's sleep, deal with the feedback, sort out the conflict, speak up and be heard, apply your skills, get promoted, gain satisfaction, regain your energy. Or find a new job.


Contact me to arrange a free in-depth consultation to find out more about how we can work together.  


I also work regularly with students and have expertise in working with international students.

In September - November 2021 I am offering low-cost one-off taster sessions. If you are curious about coaching and want to explore any aspect of your work, please do get in touch!




“Julie and I started working together in order to work through some issues I was having dealing with stress in a high pressure and working environment and transition to a new career. She was able to help me not only with understanding the underlying issues but also come up with practical steps for moving forward. She is a keen listener who challenges her clients to engage with the sessions and I would recommend her highly”   

Will, Lawyer at International City Firm


"Julie gave me practical, concrete strategies for dealing with situations and tasks I found difficult. It’s been a hugely valuable experience, and has changed the way I work, to the benefit of others as well as myself."

Senior Administrator, LSE


"Julie coached me through a key transitional stage in my life. After making a decision to leave a career that I'd been doing for 21 years and enter a new field of work, I found myself slightly 'out at sea'. Julie helped me untangle the emotional and practical uncertainties around the transition and help me emerge on the 'other side' feeling stronger and more positive about the future."

Screenwriter, London


Julie guided me to find my own solutions in a way that felt completely ‘invisible’.  There was no sense that she was trying to impose her own will or preconceived ideas upon me – she just helped me find them myself (which in turn helped to boost my sense of self-efficacy).  Her skill lies not only in her sensitivity to nuance and subtle clues, but also the self-effacing delicacy of her technique: I felt like I got to the answers by myself, but of course I would never have done so without her subtle direction."

University Lecturer, London

"I believe that Julie's coaching helped me sail more smoothly through the start of my PhD. It is quite common for any PhD student to complain but I think this comes from feeling overwhelmed and not understanding the source of your issues. Rather than venting to my peers and entering a vicious cycle of complaining and not working on my issues, through talking to Julie, I felt my mind was being uncluttered and it helped me find and voice the source of the problems. This understanding empowered me to take the right steps towards a solution and go back to a good work-life balance. After multiple sessions, I came to realize that anyone can definitely tailor their PhD to be a wonderful." journey.

1st year PhD student, UCL, London

"She is brilliant, a very good listener and a patient person. She asks you simple questions that lead you to find your own answers and a sense of direction. She helped me to focus on the points of strength in my character, and I am much more motivated to achieve my goals and I feel less stress regarding my PhD study, more focus on what I have."

3rd year PhD student, Birkbeck, University of London


About me

I live in St Leonards on Sea after many years in London.  This has changed many things about how I live and work and it has also made me very happy. When you meet me you will find me positive and enthusiastic about helping you bring about changes to your workplace so you can thrive there - and in the other areas of your life.  Changes that I had to make in my life have not always been easy so you will also find me empathic about the challenges you might be facing.


I was born in Scotland and I have lived in Spain and Japan and have worked for over twenty years in international education in London. 

If you think I can help, I’d love to hear from you. Contact me  today to 
arrange a free in-depth consultation.

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Animas Centre for Coaching

Diploma in Transformational Coaching                                 
Certificate in Somatic Coaching                                    
Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitation
Certificate in Existential Coaching

Animas training is accredited by the International Coach Federation 

and the Association for Coaching



Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust 
MA Consulting and Leading in Organisations:

psychodynamic and systemic approaches  

Earlier education

University of Sheffield
MA in Advanced Japanese Studies 

University of Glasgow

MA (Hons) Modern History 

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                                                                                                                                                Julie Allen


Contact me for a free in-depth consultation to find out how we could work together. Based on your needs I will suggest a package of sessions to get us started. Currently all sessions are online or on the phone. We can meet weekly, fortnightly or over an agreed period that fits your work pattern. 


I also love coaching workgroups.
If you lead a team or work in HR and would like to explore how I can support your organisation, please contact me.  Each coaching contract and consultancy is bespoke and designed to meet your staff and organisational needs.  



Currently all coaching is online or on the phone.  Post-Covid I'll work again in London (N1) and St Leonard’s on Sea when we can meet in my coaching room in St Leonard’s, in a quiet public space, at your workplace, outside in nature or by the sea.


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