for people ready for change

Coaching is about finding focus

I can help you work out exactly what needs to change

Coaching is about collaboration

I won’t advise or tell you what to do, but help you find your own answers

Coaching is more than talking

It’s about taking action


How Coaching works

You don’t need to have a clear goal to start; finding your focus is the first step.  I will listen and ask questions to help you establish exactly what it is that needs to shift in your work or personal life (or both).  This exploration is key to helping you make the right choices and take the most appropriate actions.
I’ll help and support you to plan and take steps to bring about the change(s) you want to make to your situation.  I will enable you to deal with your limiting beliefs: I'm not good enough! I'm not smart enough! I don’t deserve it!, that may have stopped you from making changes in the past. We will also consider any practicalities (e.g. finding time or money or dealing with the impact of your change on family and friends) in order to ensure that your positive change is sustainable.
If it’s helpful, I’ll share my thoughts and my experience with you.  I draw from a range of theoretical frameworks including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Transactional Analysis (TA) and a combination of psychodynamic and systems theory approach (see my qualifications below).As we work, I will keep checking with you that we are on the right track and, when necessary, adapt to ensure that you reach the best outcome for you.

My approach to coaching is suitable for you if: 
•    you want to feel more confident about yourself and what you can achieve
•    you are looking for a fresh approach to your work and/or home life
•    you have a decision to make and want to explore all your options
•    you are a student preparing for your future


About me


I recently moved to St Leonards on Sea after many years in London.  This has changed many things about how I live my life and it has also made me very happy. When you meet me you will find me positive and enthusiastic about helping you make changes to your life to bring about what you want and need. But changes that I had to make in my life have not always been easy so you will also find me empathic about the challenges you might be facing.


I was born in Scotland and I have lived in Spain and Japan and have worked for almost twenty years in international education in London universities and currently I also hold the post of Director of Policy and Services at the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA).

If you think you’d like to work with me, I’d love to hear from you.  E-mail me and we can arrange a time to talk.


Animas Centre for Coaching

Diploma in Transformational Coaching                                 
Certificate in Somatic Coaching                                    
Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitation
Certificate in Existential Coaching

Animas training is accredited by the International Coach Federation 

and the Association for Coaching



Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust 
MA Consulting and Leading in Organisations:

psychodynamic and systemic approaches  

Earlier education

University of Sheffield
MA in Advanced Japanese Studies 

University of Glasgow

MA (Hons) Modern History 

                                                                                                                                                Julie Allen


For individual clients, I offer a free initial consultation to allow us to find out about each other and see how we might work together.  We can also agree on the number of sessions that you would like.  This determines the fee.  There is no ideal number of sessions; it depends on your situation, but the idea is that this is short term, focused and effective.  We can meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your circumstances, needs and your ambitions.
If you would like to explore how I can support your organisation, please contact me for a discussion.  Each coaching contract and consultancy is bespoke and designed to meet your staff and organisational needs.  



'She is brilliant, a very good listener and a patient person. She asks you simple questions that lead you to find your own answers and a sense of direction. She helped me to focus on the points of strength in my character, and I am much more motivated to achieve my goals and I feel less stress regarding my PhD study, more focus on what I have.'

3rd year PhD student, Birkbeck, University of London



'Julie gave me practical, concrete strategies for dealing with situations and tasks I found difficult. It’s been a hugely valuable experience, and has changed the way I work, to the benefit of others as well as myself. 

Senior Administrator, LSE


Julie coached me through a key transitional stage in my life. After making a decision to leave a career that I'd been doing for 21 years and enter a new field of work, I found myself slightly 'out at sea'. Julie helped me untangle the emotional and practical uncertainties around the transition and help me emerge on the 'other side' feeling stronger and more positive about the future.

Screenwriter, London


Julie guided me to find my own solutions in a way that felt completely ‘invisible’.  There was no sense that she was trying to impose her own will or preconceived ideas upon me – she just helped me find them myself (which in turn helped to boost my sense of self-efficacy).  Her skill lies not only in her sensitivity to nuance and subtle clues, but also the self-effacing delicacy of her technique: I felt like I got to the answers by myself, but of course I would never have done so without her subtle direction.

University Lecturer, London



I work in London and St Leonard’s on Sea. We can meet in my coaching room in St Leonard’s, in a quiet public space, at your workplace, outside in nature or by the sea (contact me about my intensive programme in St Leonards).  I can also coach by phone and online.


Contact Me


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