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a process for organisations to work through challenges, blocks or difficulties to become happier, healthier and effective.

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I work with groups in organisations. This may be a team, a small department or representatives of a large group. Together we consider the primary task of the organisation,  the roles people have, how the group operates and how it relates to other departments or teams.  We consider the context the organisation is operating within and the influence of external expectations or pressures (financial, political or otherwise).  We explore how these impact on staff anxiety; how people think, feel and behave at work. 


By allowing staff the time and space to share how they think and feel about their work and the organisation, they are more able to confront difficulties they may not have been fully aware of, or may have been avoiding. My role is to work alongside the group, make observations, ask questions, make connections and attempt to find meaning in order to help the group work out what is going on beneath the surface of their day to day activities.  The aim is that with increased awareness and honesty the group and the organisation are able to resolve difficulties and move forward with greater focus, confidence and effectiveness. 


Your+Space Consultancy is helpful to organisations:

  • going through change (e.g. new leadership, new role(s), new responsibilities

  • post change (e.g. after a restructure)

  • dealing with staff or departmental differences in viewpoint or practices

  • exploring team dynamics

  • where teams have become demoralized or stuck, or

  • whose aims / purpose / identity are being challenged.

A collaborative, reflective process


Julie’s novel and dedicated approach is refreshing and extremely effective. In just a few short sessions, she enabled my team to understand that there are different ways of doing things and broken down the defensive barriers to change. They have been convinced of the need for a transformative approach, and are leading themselves on this journey. Julie’s intervention was not a means to an end by itself, but has undoubtedly allowed us to begin something very exciting.

Senior Leader, London-based University

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We will arrange an initial meeting to discuss your situation and whether Your+Space Consultancy would suit your organisation and your current challenges.  We will discuss and establish membership of the consultancy group and agree the meeting time, length, number and location of sessions.  (I will attend your workplace.)  Careful and detailed planning at the initial stages will influence how the consultancy progresses. We may have several meetings or discussions before we get started.  The planning stage is crucial as this will influence how the consultancy progresses.


For larger projects I work with other highly trained organisation consultants. 


What is the time-scale?

Regular meetings (e.g. once or twice a month) will enable momentum to build and for current issues to be worked through.  Offering sessions which are longer than one hour (for example 90 minutes) helps to move the group into deeper and more meaningful discussion.  However, there is no single format and we will choose the arrangements that best suits your organisation.

Individual support

Your+Space consultancy is rooted in group work.  However, I am also a trained coach and can offer 1-1 coaching to individuals in the group.  This can be agreed as a package in advance or can be arranged as the group progresses. 

In-house workshops

I can also deliver workshops, training events or away days to support the development of your staff.   Workshops are informed by my experience as an English teacher and as an experienced trainer of staff working with international students, as well as the theory and practice of consultancy and coaching.  Each workshop is bespoke so please contact me to discuss.


Cost and Availability

Please contact me to discuss.

About me

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I've worked in small, large, high profile, public, private and third sector organisations and worked in the UK, Spain and Japan.  I have always been interested in groups and teams and this led me to Group Relations - immersive group events which delve deep into the experience of group dynamics. I then studied this way of working with groups at the Tavistock Clinic.  I use this learning in my role as a senior leader and in all of my coaching and consulting work. I am a Visiting Lecturer on the Masters in Consulting and Leading in Organisations: systems and psychodynamic approaches.


Professional Practice

I receive regular supervision to support my practice and my lecturer role at the Tavistock Clinic ensures I keep up to date and in touch with theory and practice. I attended the two week Leicester Group Relations Conference in August 2017 and I have been a member of staff at the University of Essex Group Relations conference.


MA Consulting and Leading in Organisations: 

psychodynamic and systemic approaches  

(Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust / University of East London)

Diploma in Transformational Coaching                                                            

Certificates in Somatic Coaching, Group Coaching & Facilitation and Existential Coaching

(Animas Centre for Coaching)

MA Advanced Japanese Studies 

(University of Sheffield)

MA (Hons) Modern History 

(University of Glasgow)

Julie Allen Consultant
                                                                                                                                      Julie Allen
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